Hi & welcome to realiTEE.

I’m Tanya Jayne (Tee for short 😊) and this is my personal blog on skincare specifically skin that likes to sweat. In a society that is more health and fitness conscious than ever we need to make sure we’re looking after our skin in the right way. I am always searching for products that help promote natural glowing skin. With so many products on the market there must be something for everyone but I want to get specific. I want radiant healthy skin from cruelty free (ideally vegan) products and they NEED to keep up with my active sweaty lifestyle. I’m saying no to breakouts and no to red blotchy skin.

We’ll be talking pre /post AM workout, pre/ post midday run beauTEE hacks and 18 hour days while still looking fabulous.

I’ll be documenting the realiTEE of the effects of products on my skin as I use them, taking you through my shelfie on what I use, when I use it and why I use. My skin comes under a lot of pressure from sweat (both in and out of the gym) harsh elements of the UK weather, sun reflection from canals and mostly pollution of city life!

All of this combination leads to sweaty gross skin with blocked up pores, and don’t even get me started on washing my hair! Follow me as I experiment with weird and wonderful new products to fight of inflammation, discover how to not sweat off that beautiful spray tan you just got and countless hairstyles that prolong each wash all in the name of beauTEE.

Along side this I’ll keep you updated on all the fun I have on the go, the different ways I like to keep fit and how I mix it up. I’ve been on a health and fitness journey now for about 4 years and I’m still searching for those abs. I’ve tried all the big trends and fad diets and finally settling into a routine that works for me. I’ll share the successes, failures and blisters of all my latest activiTEE.

With all of this going on I need to keep my shit together! I’m a big believe in meditation and everything good for the soul. Life is about balance and when we have that it shines through and projects your natural beauty & that’s contagious, people want to be around good beautiful energy. I’ll keep you posted on my attempts at a well blanced life. My search for sereniTEE.

Oh and did I mention as I count down to 30 I’m working on thirTEE new challenges/ experiences- just for fun. I like to mix it up.

In short welcome to my realiTEE. A real blog with real opinions. I’m only talking about products I’ve used, and not just as a one off. I mean trial and tested!

I’ve started this blog to share my experiences with you focusing on healthy and beautiful glowing skin for everyone with active lifestyles. Fitness & wellness definitely play their part in natural beauty. Power of three.

As you know life is not all champagne and skittles, and there’s no ‘how to guide’ available from amazon for next day delivery.

We’re all just figuring it out day by day, breakout by breakout.

Please share your thoughts, tips knowledge and anything else!

Together we’ll make it through looking completely fucking fabulous!