Welcome to realiTEE.

I’m Tanya Jayne (Tee for short 😊) & this is my personal blog on one woman’s realiTEE, not the Instagram version of life.

This is my journey of becoming a woman confident & comfortable in her own skin, living a fabulous yet sustainable & intentional lifestyle.

Join me on my biggest challenge to date in 2020 as I opt for a #nonewyear

I will NOT be buying anything brand new in 2020 just finding new ways to bring life back into my wardrobe & rediscover my personal style. How to be your own personal sustainable stylist is a goal I want to share!

Sustainable stylist

It’s no secret my No.1 staple item that goes with EVERY OUTFIT… dewy skin! We’ll be talking beauTEE hacks & brands that are dedicated to making a difference & removal of harmful ingredients. We’ll be diving deep into the world of clean beauty! I’ll be documenting the realiTEE of the latest products on my shelfie.

I’m setting a small part of this blog aside for fitness. It’s so important for so many reasons & I want to bring you along for the realiTEE of training for a half marathon I’ve been on a health and fitness journey now for about 5 years & I’m still searching for those abs. I’ve tried all the big trends & fad diets before finally settling into a routine that works for me. I’ll share the successes, failures & all of the blisters as I strive for the finish line and a healthy balance between life & activiTEE.

With all of this going on I need to keep my shit together! I’m a big believe in positive vibes & everything good for the soul. Okay I’ll be honest I’m a believer in a good book & a LOT of coffee… Life is about balance, no one wants to run themselves into the ground. People want to be around good beautiful energy. As part of my realiTEE I’ll add in my thoughts around my search for sereniTEE.

In short welcome to my realiTEE. A real blog, no curated material & pictures that may or may not have good lighting. Because we all have good & bad days and I’ll share all the highs and lows with you.

I want to create a community that is completely free from judgment & that helps one another become the best version of themselves while making concise & intentional decisions like where to shop, supporting slow fashion & talking with their money. Where you spend your money matters! The content you consume & support matters! Living a intentional lifestyle does not have to be slow & boring & you don’t have to wear your nans curtains as a new dress – however if that appeals to you & you think you rock it go right ahead!

As you know life is not all champagne and skittles, and there’s no ‘how to guide’ available from amazon for next day delivery.

We’re all just figuring it out day by day.

Please share your thoughts, tips knowledge and anything else!

-Tee x